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You spend too much time looking for notes and clippings that you know you have somewhere.  You’d like to be able to put your finger on them in a moment ... to view, print or email.  You have a lot of “detail” to keep up with and just you want a better, easier way. You don't really care for computers.  But when you have to use one, you’d like to be able to accomplish tasks on your own and not have to rely on others. Computers aren’t your main interest, so you’d like to accomplish PC tasks quicker and get on to things you really want to be doing. You enjoy working with information, but not spending time starting applications, looking at directories and loading files. You prefer simple rather than complex.  You’d like to be able to accomplish common tasks without the need to be involved with the technical details of your PC’s operation. You'd like your computer to help you be organized, information- wise and other-wise.
Twigs makes these easy to do ... far easier than having to repeat your steps later ... or trying to locate a file on your hard drive.
When you access the world of information ...
Where do you put what you find?
Do you look it up each time? Do you bookmark the source? Do you create a document and paste it in? Or do you try to capture the web page?
Twigs offers a better way: find information once, then place it in your own information base, alongside other information you gather or enter. 
The result is that you have information in a context that’s meaningful to you — and where it’s easy to locate and easy to use in everyday ways.
Do any of these apply to you?
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With Twigs, all your information is at your fingertips Just enter a keyword or two and TwigSearch or TwigView provides you almost instant access. Twigs can handle thousands of pieces of information, organized in ways that are meaningful to you. Twigs works in ways you’re already familiar with, like lists, checklists, notes and journals.  There’s no setup required and pre-formatted summaries are ready to use. You work in a clear and comfortable desktop environ- ment that’s low-stress and high-yield for quicker results. Twigs turns the usual “PC approach” to use upside down.  (see below) Twigs manages your screen and lets you perform common tasks with a minimum of keystrokes and mouse clicks.   The way Twigs is organized (and operates) helps you be organized (and more productive!).
Then you’ll really enjoy Twigs!
With Twigs!
Gather useful information Capture screen images Capture links to sources
Twigs fills the important function of handling all those bits of information that don’t fit well anywhere else.
Do you have a lot to keep up with?
Do you secretly dislike computers?
Can you use a productivity boost?
Twigs can help.  It lets you bypass many of the common frustrations of using a PC.  You don’t have to work with the file system or use nested menus ... or even select which applications to run.  And with Twigs, there’s not much to learn and  help is only a click away.
Twigs lets you gather, enter and organize all the odds and ends details of life with an absolute minimum of effort.  Just select an area of interest for details:
Twigs helps you get more  use from your PC to help you out in everyday ways. You benefit from the pure convenience of stream- lined operation and short- cut methods.  No other software lets you get so much benefit from your PC with so little effort.   
“Twigs turns your PC into the helpful assistant you always hoped it would be.”
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The PC is a great Information Tool.
Twigs lets you bypass most of the usual complexity* you’ve come to expect when using a PC.  You work directly with your information in straightforward ways on screens that are clear and simple.
* as examples: file directories, file naming restrictions, nested menus with ambiguous choices, strange icons, unfamiliar terminology ... even Save and Store buttons..
There’s even a feature for grabbing blocks of information from the Internet and turning them into a list or checklist.  You get to edit, organize and prioritize entries so that the result exactly meets your need—all in only a few easy steps.
Building a list or checklist is as easy as typing your entries.  That’s it.  When you’re ready, just select from a dozen pre-formatted print choices.
Too bad they’ve become so tedious to use.
# ! %
Enjoy working directly with your information rather than with applications, windows and files.
Twigs makes them easier. A lot easier.  
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Do you enjoy simplicity?
Twigs operates in ways you’re already familiar with —lists, notes, journals— and lets you use your PC without feeling entangled in the technology.  It keeps you focused on what you’ve gathered or entered, and on the tasks you want to accomplish.
For absolute beginners,  there’s no easier way to get started.  You get to bypass the usual “learning curve” of using a computer.  Within only a couple of minutes, you can be getting useful results and be wondering what all the fuss was about.  But rest assured, only Twigs can get you that far along the road of productive computer use so quickly.   For seasoned professionals,  there’s no way to accomplish so much with so few clicks.  Regardless of your primary computer uses, Twigs can fill the important function of handling all the little things that don’t fit well anywhere else.  Even if you work in a collaborative environment — or with network-based content — Twigs can provide you with an individual cache of detail right on your own PC, apart from shared resources and material. For everybody in between, Twigs can be the single tool that elevates you to a higher level of personal productivity — simply because you begin to use your computer in more ways to help you in everyday life.  Lists and checklists are just a start.  Gather useful information from the Internet easily.  Capture and email screen images with a couple of clicks.  Keep journals of events and memories.  Twigs will put you in the fast lane of productivity in very low-stress, high-yield ways because there’s very little to learn.  You just use it.
Powerfully Simple Software
(that anyone can use)
Your computer makes it possible.  Twigs makes it easy.
Would you like to be better organized?
Twigs can give you an immediate boost toward being organized.  Yet, there’s nothing to set up ... and very little to learn. Whether entering ToDo lists, or making inventories and plans, Twigs keeps you focused on your priorities and not on the operation of your computer.
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