Is Twigs for you?
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Better way
Instead of paper notes ... use Twigs. It’s easy ... just turn your computer on and start typing It’s searchable ... just type a keyword or two It helps you organize ... just place your info on a list It’s easy to get results you can use ... to print or email And everything is backed up with a single click
If you already use PC-based methods ... add Twigs. Gather new information effortlessly Eliminate the need to work with file names and directories Link to your existing documents, images and Internet sources* Enjoy a top-level view of—and access to—the key information on your PC Have everything centralized in your Personal Knowledge Base
* Any Twigs entry can provide one-click access to anything on your PC.
Small business owner?
You already know this:  your business is details. And the easier it is to access those details, the better it is for business.
Whether home-based or storefront, Twigs can help you be more efficient, which improves the bottom line.  You already have an accounting database ... inventory ... invoicing ... spreadsheets ... all serving specific needs of your business. Twigs is for everything else ... all the “twigs of information” that are so hard to keep up with ... yet so valuable if you have them when you need them.
You’ll be surprised how easy it is.  There’s no setup involved.  Just use Twigs for all new details.  Before long, you’ll have an information resource that pays dividends week after week. 
So, don’t spend another minute looking for information you know you have somewhere. Instead, keep it all at your fingertips in your own searchable information base.
Want to be better organized? ... but can’t find the time?
Twigs can give you an immediate boost toward being organized.
It all starts with lists.  Twigs makes lists easy ... plain lists, checklists, ToDo lists ... and even shopping lists*. 
It’s a simple system.  You just start using Twigs ... first, for little things ... then gradually, for everything!  Whenever you think of something, add it to a list.  Short-term plans.  Long-terms plans.  Anything!
“The way Twigs is organized, helps you be organized.”
The “secret ingredient” is that everything in Twigs is already set up and ready to use.  You’re able to focus on your information and not on formatting print pages or naming files.  You get the benefits of PC-based features, without the usual stress and complexity of using a PC.
*Plus Edition feature
“Enjoy the benefits of a smoother operation ... with Twigs.”
Busy professional?
Lists, checklists, journals ... they’re all a snap to use.  It’s all time efficient because you’re using the features, not configuring them or having to format information to get useful results.  Everything is built-in and ready to use.  And all your information is backed up with a single click. The more you use Twigs, the more uses you’ll think of ... because all you do is “Tell Twigs”.  You don’t have to work with file names or directories.  There not even a “save” button.  Twigs just keeps what you enter ... right on your own PC, not somewhere in cyberspace.
Twigs gives you a place to keep all the bits and pieces of information you need. You have them all at your fingertips, in a searchable information base.  Yet there’s nothing to set up.  You just use it. 
“Boost your personal productivity ... with Twigs.”
Sports fan?
That often means keeping track of a lot of wide-ranging information from a variety of sources.  Let Twigs help you:
Twigs gives you streamlined ways to keep all kinds of lists from the information you gather or enter.  Using your computer—with Twigs— can actually mean you have more time for the hobby you enjoy.
Gather information Organize information Have it all at your fingertips
Movie buff?
Have a hobby?
Powerfully Simple Software. Works in natural and intuitive ways. Useful results are easy to get. Anyone can use it.
Whether you’re a writer or a reader, a student or a teacher, a shopper or a merchant, Twigs can help you plan, organize and optimize your life and your future.
Once you start using Twigs as your main application, the stress you’ve come to expect from using your computer melts away.
Twigs will change the way you think about your computer.
Life is details.  And the more of them you can summon up when you need them, the better.  Twigs has the capacity to keep all the clippings, articles, ideas, quotations, drafts, memories and trivia you might ever want to collect.  It’s all right at your fingertips in a centralized Personal Knowledge Base — and you can find anything with a keyword or two. Take a look below to see how you can put Twigs and your information to work for you.
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