Twigs system requirements
Operating System:  Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 or Windows 8 RAM:  1.0 gigabytes is recommended Hard drive space:  200 megabytes on C: Display width:  1280 pixels or greater (although screens as small as 1024 may be used)
Lists and checklists Notes and Compose (5) 16 ToDo lists Journals (3 styles) 8 TwigBoard panels Import and Export Email features TwigSearch features TwigView features Twigs calculator features Medical ID cards Printable forms Screen capture Image library Full User Preferences features ... and other    convenience features
Twigs Standard Edition
  provides full versions of each of the four main   feature groups.  It adds convenience features that let you call up documents and websites directly from references contained in list entries and notes.  And you can email anything with a couple of clicks.  You can capture screen images, print planning calendars, print medical ID cards ... and even send text messages to cell phones. When you’re ready for even more, it’s a straight-forward upgrade to Plus Edition.  Upgrades only take a  couple of minutes and all of your information is automatically retained.
“The way Twigs is organized helps you be organized!”
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In short, Twigs runs very well on most full-screen PCs made in the past 10 years. (Twigs is licensed for use on an individual PC and online registration is required.)
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Convenient Printed Results
Lists, checklists, journals, todo lists and planning calendars are included, all pre-formatted and ready to use.  With only a few clicks you can be on your way, with useful results in hand.
Just add your information and get instant results.
Twigs helps you put information to work for you in everyday ways. 
Simple Operation ...
It’s a hallmark of the Twigs software to keep things simple.  Sometimes the simplicity is apparent, like with clear displays and obvious feature choices.  Other times, it’s more subtle ... like when Twigs points you right to the file set for you to make your choices.  At every turn, Twigs strives for the fewest keystrokes and mouse clicks.
Journaling features you’ll actually use!
From anywhere in Twigs, click the Journals tab at the top, then o click on a title o press the Tab key o start typing ... from a few words to paragraphs or pages.  And there’s no Save or Store button ... or document names ... or file paths.  Twigs just keeps what you enter.
Journal anything you’d like to keep track of ... like ideas ... or phone calls ... or changes you’ve made to your PC.  There’s even a special journal style for keeping medical records for your family.  You’ll find journaling with Twigs to be easier than trying to keep paper records.  But the real bonus is that it’s all part of your Personal Knowledge Base, searchable and backed up with a single click.
Example of a journal entry
Put the Power of Checklists to work for you!
Twigs makes it extremely easy to put the power of checklists to work for you.
Example of a checklist
Checklists are a great tool for planning, delegating and monitoring projects.
tailor checkable list entries to your exact needs set the order to match your most-common uses change any list to a checklist with one click!
Lists are a specialty of Twigs!
Twigs makes lists easy, so you can use them in all kinds of ways.  There are built- in features to handle lists, checklists, ToDo lists, phone lists and even shopping lists.  Yet they all operate in similar ways, so they’re all incredibly easy to use.  And there’s no setup involved. At most, you give a new list a title and then start typing your entries.  A simple priority setting lets you change the order of an entry.  You can drag and drop text directly from your browser or another application. Printing is just as easy.  Just select one of the pre-formatted choices.  You can preview the result and then send it to your printer or a PDF file for later use.
Twigs began as an easy way to handle lists and notes.  But it quickly grew into an entire set of features that make a PC easier to use.  And, now, Plus Edition adds features to let you use your PC in more ways to simplify your life.
... and a One-click Philosophy.
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