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The Proof is in everyday use
Twigs helps you be “information organized” in ways you never thought were practical.
Twigs turns the usual “PC approach” upside down.  Instead of launching applications and requesting that they load your information, you work directly with your information – your Personal Knowledge Base Convenient features are right at your fingertips for common uses like viewing, printing and emailing.  If you need other processing—like word processing, spreadsheets or image editing—then Twigs calls the appropriate application on your PC and passes the information to it.  You save time and mental effort by not having to select and run applications ... or specify file names and directories ... or open and close windows.  In fact, other applications and the operating system are largely kept out of your way — which simplifies your use of your PC.  And the more you work with Twigs, the less need you'll find for those complicated applications.  In short, Twigs lets you work in streamlined ways, with little, if any, involvement with the typical PC application environment.  In many instances, Twigs and a browser just might be the only software you need. Lower stress.  Easier results.
An Entirely Different Approach
Whether you’re a writer or a reader, a student or a teacher, a shopper or a merchant, Twigs can help you plan, organize and optimize your life.
Life is details — and being able to summon them up is a real advantage. 
Once you’re using Twigs as your main application, the stress you’ve come to expect from using your computer melts away.
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