F9Monitor is a feature of the Plus Edition.
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F9 Monitor keeps Twigs at your fingertips with one-button access from your browser or from any application workspace you happen to be in.
Some you might expect:
... and some you won’t:
Convenience Features
Convert blocks of gathered text into useful lists Print sheets of graph paper or music paper Print medical ID cards for your family Keep family member medical journals Send text messages to cell phones Print one-year planning calendars
Send Twigs lists to other computers Export journal entries as spreadsheets Capture screens to save, print or email Address and print envelopes Text-to-speech capability
It brings document filing, password management and a host of convenience features to your desktop workspace.  It helps you easily accomplish tasks that you might otherwise not try on your computer.
From the [+] tab, the panels of extended features are on the right
As a bonus, Plus Edition currently includes the image management features from Artist Edition (but without the embedded art-related information), which are useful for managing collections other than artworks.  They also provide an excellent, easy way to build a home inventory based on digital photographs of contents.
Build a photo-based home inventory for insurance purposes or just to have
Organize all of the digital photos on your hard drive in minutes, not hours
Things that become easy:
Build a paper filing system where you can find anything, but without folders and cabinets
Or, scan your documents and go completely paperless!
(Find more ideas and methods at TheGiftOfOrganizing.com)
“One application does the work of many.”    (and it does some things for you that no other application can do)
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Plus Edition is the extended version of Twigs. 
Twigs system requirements
Operating System:  Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 or Windows 8 RAM:  1.0 gigabytes is recommended Hard drive space:  200 megabytes on C: Display width:  1280 pixels or greater (although screens as small as 1024 may be used)
In short, Twigs runs very well on most full-screen PCs made in the past 10 years. (Twigs is licensed for use on an individual PC and online registration is required.)
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