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and checklists ... and to build a Personal Knowledge Base that keeps a wealth of useful information at your fingertips.  It includes a complete set of features to access — and submit — lists available on  With only a few clicks, you can bring a list right into your knowledge base and tailor it to suit your specific needs. If you later decide you want more capabilities, Lite Edition can be upgraded and all of your existing information is immediately available in the higher edition. For professionals and business owners, Lite Edition can be a perfect complement to the software you currently use.  Let Twigs be your single source for all the odds and ends of information that are so difficult to keep up with, but so valuable to have on hand when you need them.
Lite Edition has everything you need to work with lists from  With only a couple of clicks you can download a list, modify its content to suit your purpose and then make it part of your Personal Knowledge Base.  Submitting a list to the site is just as easy.
... plus Import and Export
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Lite Edition has everything you need to get started with lists
“Write down the thoughts of the moment.  Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.” — Sir Frances Bacon
The Basic Features ...
Lite Edition provides the full set of features for lists and checklists, plus basic versions of TwigBoard and ToDo list.  There are features for emailing and generating PDFs, along with several convenience features from the Standard Editions.
And if you decide you need more, you can upgrade to one of the other editions and all your existing information can be moved right in.
Lite Edition