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Home File Cabinet
If you’ve dreamed of going paperless, this is the easiest way to do it.
This feature set offers the ultimate in easy electronic filing simply because it takes less time and effort than any other way.  There’s no setup needed, yet it can be tailored to meet your personal or home office needs. Just place a page on your scanner and click Scan.  That’s all there is to it.  The scan image is held in a simple table of results.  A single click places it in one of your 16 folders.  Add a description if you like — and even keywords to make documents easy to locate. Yes, it’s as simple as operating a 2-drawer filing cabinet, but much  more convenient.  Plus, you can include all your online receipts! 
No setup needed True one-button scanning 16 categories for documents Find by name or keyword View, print or email with two clicks
Weather Center
Map Capture
My Page
These three features enhance the usefulness and convenience of commonly-referenced Internet-based information.  Configure them one time with your own preferences and enjoy one-click access right from Twigs.  They’re good examples of how Twigs can put your PC to work just for you in streamlined ways.
Letter Writer
Letter Writer is activated in the Artist Edition as a convenient way to assemble a letter using a library of standard paragraphs and of graphic elements like letterheads and signatures.  One click inserts a paragraph or graphic from the tables of choices (that you prepare). Letterheads and signatures can be built with any graphics package and then placed in the library as PNG or BMP objects.
Letter Writer includes a very convenient envelope feauture that lets you print an envelope with a couple of clicks.
Shopping Lists
These features let you easily make lists of all of the items you commonly shop for ... groceries, supplies or anything you’d like to include Include brands, sizes, pricing considerations ... whatever you’d like to have on hand to make your shopping decisions easy. Then, from wherever you are in Twigs, two clicks take you right to your lists, where you click individual entries to add them to your printed list. The shopping lists features make it easy to have control over hundreds of items so you have all of the things you need onhand when you need them ... and you get to enjoy the efficiency that comes from checklist-based shopping.
Two groups of seven lists One-click selects an entry Item order is by “priority” Starter lists are provided
Build robust passwords using recommended methods Configurable to your preferences Get results with minimal effort
These features work together to let you easily build and track robust passwords for all of you web-based accounts.  Three methods of automatic password generation are available.  Since they’re so easy to generate, you can change them more often and enjoy greater peace of mind on your critical accounts.  Plus, Twigs automatically logs a history of each change you make. The Password Manager gives you the option to set up one-click access to all of your online accounts.  
This convenient utility program lets you set up streamlined access to your most- often-used applications so that they’re available from anywhere in two clicks.
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Included in Artist Edition
Included in Artist Edition
Included in Artist Edition
You can accomplish things in Twigs that would take more effort to do them in other ways.  So you begin to use your PC more often to help you in everyday ways — and save time in the process!
Plus Edition includes several features that help you easily gain more benefit from the PC you already own.
Extended Features let you maximize use of your PC.
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