Organizing your artwork has never been easier.  With only a couple of steps you can resize an existing digital image to the size that’s appropriate for your use. You then select an existing template for the description of your work ... or build one of your own.  You can print a page for your portfolio — or print it as a PDF and add it to your digital portfolio. Index pages let you organize your artwork as condensed overviews by placing up to six images on an individual page. 
Art Portfolio
Printed Portfolio
Pages are pre-formatted and ready to view or print Drag and drop images onto index pages Image titles are automa- tically added Print individual pages with a single click Library images can be on multiple index pages Build different portfolios for different purposes
Create a digital portfolio of your artwork just as easily!
Digital Portfolio
Generate individual pages in Portable Document Format Merge pages into a single PDF document Build different portfolios for different purposes Email or print an entire portfolio with 3 clicks
Artist Edition makes it easy to maintain a printed portfolio of your work.
Artist Edition
Artist Edition
Standard Edition with these added features: Art image library ArtView features Resize image utility Portfolio pages Twigs image viewer Letter writer Shopping lists 10 total journal styles Artist information sets “How to” checklists ... and other    convenience features
Easy ways to manage your art.
Artist Edition is a combination of software, information and methods.
Simpler ways to use your PC.
shopping lists color tables and         permanance charts templates for entering artwork descriptions tips on the selling side of art recommendations on working with galleries links to online sources of useful information and business tips printable “how to” checklists
Artist Edition includes the following art information and resources built in and ready to use:
One click is all it takes to go directly to any of the included online sources.  And the templates make entering descriptions of your artworks a snap. 
Maintain an inventory of your artwork (images, plus descriptions) Print 8½ X 11 portfolio pages (image of your work, with optional description) Print index pages of your art images Resize a digital photo for show requirements and submissions Email appropriately-sized images of your art work Compile a client list the easy way Print pre-formatted mailing labels Journal your art experiences and ideas Create PDF files for printing, emailing or building a digital portfolio Back up all of your organized images and information with one click
Checklist-style instructions are provided for all of these art-related tasks in Twigs:
Beyond the ones included, other lists of useful art-related information are available for download at
These methods, along with the features in Twigs, turn your personal computer into a powerful resource to enhance your artistic creativity and credibility.
Artist Edition includes the following information and resources built in and ready to use or reference: Art supply shopping lists that let you easily track your supplies and maintain a reorder list.  Each major manufacturer is included for oils, acrylics, watercolors and pastels ... 25 lists, in all ... listing more than 1000 colors.  Just load the lists you need and then use the built-in shopping list features to select and order supplies. Reference information and templates to create and maintain an artist statement, biography and resume ... any of which can be printed or emailed with one click. Artist template to create a Certificate of Authenticity. Color charts for 17 companies that produce acrylics, gouache, oils, pastels, and watercolors. One-click access to in-depth information on design, perspective, color theory, techniques and much more. A list of journaling prompts to enhance your artistic growth and creativity. A list of art styles, with definitions and examples. A sample letter to a gallery director or owner. Tips on entering juried shows. Business Tips for artists.
Art-related Information:
Artist Edition Highlights
Easy submittals to shows and galleries.
Journaling features you’ll really use!
Put the Power of Checklists to work for you!
Organize your art easily!
ArtView Feature
This unique feature of Artist Edition lets you focus on exactly your current area of interest.
When working with your library of images, ArtView shows only those index pages that match a keyword that you enter.  Even with hundreds of pages, just enter the keyword “landscapes” and you’ll be able to view only the pages that match that subset of your works.
Example of a Portfolio Page
Maintain client lists
Twigs offers the world’s easiest ways to build and maintain lists of contacts, clients and organizations — and to put those lists to work for you!  But the real plus is that you can keep all your comments and supporting information  right in each entry.  What each entry contains is entirely up to you.
From your library of images in Twigs, it only takes a couple of clicks to send a tailored email with your properly-sized artwork image as an attachment.
Example of a printed sheet of mailing labels
Twigs makes it extremely easy to put the power of checklists to work for you.
Example of a email with attachment Example of a mailing list Example of a particular entry on the list
And mailing labels are a snap, with the two most common formats built in and ready to use, either 2-column and 3-column printed results.
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Example of a checklist
Enjoy one-click access
to Internet resources!
From anywhere in Twigs, click the Journals tab at the top.  Then: o click on a title o press the Tab key (to assign the current date) o start typing
Journal anything you’d like to keep track of ... like ideas ... or phone calls ... or changes you’ve made to your PC.  There’s even a special journal style for keeping medical records for your family.  You’ll find journaling with Twigs to be easier than trying to keep paper records.  But the real bonus is that it’s all part of your Personal Knowledge Base, searchable and backed up with a single click.
Other uses include:
The list of TwigView choices may be edited at any time.
Manage your art supplies Capture screens Write PDF files of your information Capture tips from Internet sources Build lists of Internet sources Organize and manage your digital photos Resize family photos for emailing
Transfer PDFs to smartphones, so you have your information with you “on the go” Turn sections of gathered text into useful lists or checklists with just a few clicks Assemble a library of commonly-used forms and print any one with a couple of clicks
Expand to the Plus Edition for even more capabilities!
Shortcut methods include:
 by keyword.
Artist Edition includes these feature sets from Plus Edition: Shopping List (with grocery lists as loadable lists) Letter Writer, including Print Envelope feature MyApps Taskbar, for direct access to applications
Checklists are a great tool for planning, delegating and monitoring projects, art-related or otherwise.
Example of a journal entry
tailor checkable list entries to your exact needs set the order to match your most-common uses change any list to a checklist with one click!
Personal Knowledge Base
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