Twigs is unlike any application on your PC.
Twigs operates as your main application and lets you use your entire screen as your workspace.  There are no title bars, menu bars, status bars or window frames to clutter your view. Twigs has all the features you need to conveniently gather or enter information ... to organize and prioritize it ... and to view, print, email or export it to a phone or other device. Twigs manages your screen and lets you perform common tasks with a minimum of keystrokes and mouse clicks.  All the main features are clearly described in words, so that their actions are obvious. Twigs operates in convenient and familiar ways to help you organize your information.  Lists, checklists, “to do” lists, a phone list, notes, journals and a bulletin board are all available.  Yet you don’t have to work with the file system or file names ... or even press save or store buttons.  Twigs handles all of that and keeps whatever you enter. All your information is kept in one place, all searchable and all backed up with a single click.  Useful results are easy to get  by selecting from available layouts, either to print or as PDF documents suitable for emailing. Twigs links to other applications on your PC and calls them if you need them.  Otherwise, those applications and the operating system are kept out of your way. With Twigs, you get to focus entirely on your own information and on the tasks you’re working on.  No other software lets you accomplish so much with so little effort.
Have it all at your fingertips, named and organized in ways that are meaningful to you — and all searchable with a keyword or two.
Capture your ideas ... Capture information ... Capture screens ...
Gather information effortlessly ...
Twigs makes it easy to gather information from Internet sources or from other applications.
Whenever information is dropped into Twigs, it takes on the font style of the display field that you place it in.  The result is a uniform appearance that makes the information even easier to work with.
In your browser, highlight a block of text.  Now left click (and hold) with your mouse. Drag the block down to the Twigs entry on the taskbar. When Twigs appears (still holding the left mouse button) drag the block to an open field and drop it in.
Help is only a click away.
From any point in Twigs, a single click brings up a help topic for the active set of features.  There are also help overlays for all of the major features, plus usage tips that pop up when you hover the mouse pointer over a screen button or display field.
But beyond the read-style help, Twigs guides your use of features by highlighting common choices — the ones you’re most likely to use.  The effect is to streamline your use of the software, especially when you’re using a feature that you don’t use often.
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Twigs system requirements:
Operating System:  Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 or Windows 8 RAM:  1.0 gigabytes is recommended Hard drive space:  200 megabytes on C: Display width:  1280 pixels or greater (although screens as small as 1024 may be used)
In short, Twigs runs well on most full-screen PCs made in the past 10 years. Twigs is licensed for use on an individual PC and online registration is required.
Lite Edition
Standard Edition
Artist Edition
Plus Edition
Lists and checklists Notes and Compose Single ToDo list Single TwigBoard Import and Export Email features TwigSearch features TwigView features Twigs calculator Basic User Preferences features
Standard Edition with these added features: Art image library ArtView features Resize image utility Portfolio pages Twigs Image Viewer Letter writer Shopping lists 10 total journal styles Artist information sets “How to” checklists ... and other    convenience features
Adds: 16 ToDo lists Journals (3 styles) 8 TwigBoard panels 5 Compose panels Medical ID cards Printable forms Screen capture Image library User Preferences features ... and other    convenience features
Standard Edition with these added features: Home file cabinet Scan utility Password builder Password manager Weather center Map capture My Page feature MyApps desktop utility Letter writer Shopping lists 10 total journal styles Twigs Image Viewer ... and more    convenience features
Twigs is available in four editions, with increasing levels of features and convenience.
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for your notes, ideas and plans for information you gather for captured screens and images separate from the usual complexity of your PC’s file system everything resides on your own PC
Your personal computer can be made easier to use for common tasks, so you use it more often to help you in everyday ways.  You get useful results easier. You’re more productive.  And you enjoy a better  overall experience with your computer.
One simple technique:
Several powerful variations:
Work Pad
Pure Convenience
All your information is in one place and all backed up with a single click, right on your own PC or on a usb drive.
Have it all at your fingertips ...
Twigs will change the way you think about your computer!
Twigs keeps all the information you enter or gather “at your fingertips” in a searchable Personal Knowledge Base, without the need for you to deal with file names or directories or the other typical aspects of your computer desktop or operating system. Everything is right in Twigs, presented in natural and intuitive ways.  And when it’s time to print, useful pre-formatted results are only a couple of clicks away.
No setup required.  No save or store buttons ...  Twigs just keeps what you enter. Operate with a minimum of mouse clicks and keystrokes Summaries are pre-formatted and ready to use.
Back up everything with a single click.
Twigs turns your PC into the helpful assistant you always hoped it would be.
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Twigs takes the powerful condensing effect of “a list of entries” and turns it into a suite of convenient and useful features.  You get a compact and concise overview, with your detail only a click away.
“Write down the thoughts of the moment.  Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.” — Sir Frances Bacon
Your own Personal Knowledge Base ...
Like this.
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All backed up with a single click.
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A place for everything:
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